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WHC News

WHC News

Has our TWH business totally lost its balls…?

Tonight we saw what ivy league educated ideas and loose money thrown at many problems gets…nothing but lip service. Hey Mike Inman, Hey David Howard with Jeffery in tow…how about listening to people who know what we are talking about because we actually attend these horse shows all yea and don’t watch them from an arm chair at the country club…DUMP SHOW HIO OR ANY HIO…HIRE ALL AAEP VETS…AND MAKE THE USDA WRITE ANY AND ALL TICKETS. The rest will be no show and back to the truck.

The moment David L. Howard, infamous Celebration board member, decided to dissolve the NHSC and get the trainers behind it…that was when this ending started. We saw that very evidence this week when David Howard tried to get the WHTA leadership to decided about the SHOW acceptance of the mandates. He wanted the Trainers to make the decision so they could take the blame. But more over… ****ty turn out, horribleTommy Williams inspections, and simpleton judging are the least of our worries, but we let SHOW(David Howards HIO) handle it all and the corrupt David Howard/John T. Bobo bunch…but the rest of us are stupid…some of us can’t even set in the stands. It’s all a Bobo/ Howard ploy to totally kill the Celebration and sell off the pieces…its nothing new. But don’t believe me… ask the citizens of Bedford County who do not even want to come to the horse show any more. We are dealing with idiots. The stands are empty because of what we saw tonight….overpriced entry fees, ****ty judging in specifically two classes, and no balls or professionalism in inspections.

The Celebration can be great for the rest of the week but it will be our responsibility. Those who love this horse business need to step up in several ways and the task is rather simple…attend the show and make sure all the championship classes are packed…it’s a plan and an easy plan. We have to bypass the distaste of those who lead our business to this altar, but as I have said before…we can not sink the ship because we do not like the Captain or the crew. We love the ship, we love the Celebration that we knew, but unless we make this show complete in a positive way, we can not try to make the changes that will make it a great show for many years and memory maker for the younger generations of our families. It’s a task that we need to complete.